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dash cams
Dash Cams
Welcome to dashboard-cameras.co.uk dashboard cameras twitter robot facebook robot what is a robot Todays date - Mon 24 Apr 2017
Can you afford to be without one.
The road is full of hidden dangers and bad drivers - so don't hesitate to purchase a Dashcam - originally used only by the police - Dashcams are ideal for identifying details, make, model, license plates of vehicles and hidden dangers of the roads, plus the dashcam is more affordable than ever.

Time to invest in a dashcam
With more and more vehicles on the road today many drivers find themselves in tough situations trying to establish evidence of what went wrong in a collision. Many of these are head on crashes.

Some are accidental while other drivers do that willingly with some bad intention. It is for this case that you need to present substantial evidence in a court of law if you decide to sue the party that engages in such an activity.

The dashboard cameras - dashcams are there to provide solutions for such cases. They fit perfectly on the dashboard of your car to capture any activity that goes on at the front and also the rear of your car and record it. This will help capture the occurrence of an event such as when another driver slams to you intentionally. Many drivers especially those who have had an experience of these tragic incidences tend to purchase these cameras so that in the case of another happening they can be able to prove who was on the wrong side and even claim for insurance and compensation.
You can also attach the dashcam facing forward and be able to record the events of your traveling at all instances. The nature of how a dashboard cameras work is simply amazing since they automatically erase the files that are old in the card. Note that you can fit a normal camera onto your dashboard to record the journey but when the memory space runs out you will not be able to view parts of the same. The dashboard cameras - dash cams in automatic way usually divide the recording into smaller chunks mostly three minutes long.

Another amazing thing about dashcameras is that they have an automatic detection of sudden changes in your driving. For instance if the camera detects any sudden movements apart from the normal or an increase in your speed then they will save the same since it could be due to an accident. How amazing could that be?

In addition to this the dashboard cameras - dashcams require a little process of deleting the memory. Although the oldest articles are deleted automatically you will need to wipe off the memory if there are no saved clips which need your attention.

This may occur when you are taking a long journey or taking a drive into some of the streets which are not very safe for you. The cameras menu is not complicated and you will surely navigate your way easily through deleting the clips.

For perfect installation it is best to ensure that the dashboard cameras-dashcams do not take up much of your wind screen view. This is to ensure that you are not blocked at all when you want to view the behind of your car.

A point to note is that the dashboard cameras are not showing the clips when you are driving. The only way you can be able to view the clips is after you are done with your driving.

This is because the clips may end up disrupting your attention on the road and cause an accident. Dashboard cameras are also at an affordable price so head into the stores and install one today.

Coming next we will review memory cards for your Dashcam.


  • Dashcams are made to automatically overwrite the oldest file on memory, as to not fill up the storage device
  • Try to purchase a dashcam that has the ability to start recording as soon as motion is detected
  • A super-wide viewing angle can be useful too, but it all depends on your budget
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Transcend 16GB Drive Pro 220 Car Video Recorder with GPS
GPS built in - day or night, Transcend's DrivePro 220 car video recorder is your most reliable eyewitness on the road dashboard cameras
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Stoga Cbox STV3000L 3.5 Inch Display HD 720p Dual Cameras Car DVR Video Recorder with 120 Wide Degree Car Camera
3.5 Inch TFT LCD screen, 120į ultra wide angle lens, equipped with special suction cup holder, easy to fix and use dashboard cameras
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Iím very interested in hearing about your personal experience with dashboard cameras. If you have any questions about them, or any personal experiences, please contact me! If you believe Iíve made any mistakes on the subject, please let me know. Iím not an expert, just an enthusiast, and want to make sure everything Iíve written is accurate.
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